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TFI Ignition Control

Thick Film Ignition (TFI) modules were used on Ford vehicles with distributors from the early 1980s to the mid-1990s. It was used on a number of Ford's engines, the EFI 5.0 engines in particular. The TFI module is a gray box fitted to the side of the distributor. It is about one inch wide, and about four inches long. The distributor itself uses a Hall effect sensor.

The TFI modules are available as Holley 891-105 or Accel 35368 (~$46), as well as from a number of aftermarket sources.

Installing the Ford TFI System

Note: this information is tentative. The TFI setup has not been 100% verified yet.

First, be sure to use MicroSquirt code version 2.1 or higher. This code has the appropriate algorithm for the necessary 'trigger return' cranking parameter. Get the code here.

To install TFI with MicroSquirt, you:

The PIP signal comes into MicroSquirt on Ampseal pin 30, the SPOUT goes out on pin #12.

Then in TunerStudio, set:

Then set the maximum dwell duration to 8.0 milliseconds with no battery voltage compensation (set the five 'Duration at Voltage X' to 0.0 under 'Dwell Settings/Battery Voltage Compensation' in MegaTune.).

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