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V3 MicroSquirt® - QuickStart Guide

General Automotive Wiring Guidelines

There are a number of tools and techniques you will need to wire MicroSquirt® to your vehicle. You will also need some specialized knowledge. We will try to present an overview of everything you need here (if you have questions, ask them on the forums at



Of course you will also need a PC computer to run the tuning software. Any computer that can run Java will work. Ideally the computer will have a serial port (9-pin male connector), but many USB/Serial adapters have been used successfully.

If you have any questions or problems that can't be answered from the links above, or a search the MicroSquirt® manual:

you can ask questions at the MicroSquirt® support forum which is at: Click the links for more information.

MegaSquirt® and MicroSquirt® controllers are experimental devices intended for educational purposes.
MegaSquirt® and MicroSquirt® controllers are not for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles. Check the laws that apply in your locality to determine if using a V3 MicroSquirt® or MicroSquirt® controller is legal for your application.
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